The Friends of Cale Green Park


The Word from The Park

You may have noticed that there are two new picnic benches in the park. The Friends received a grant for one of the benches, and we decided to buy a second one from our savings. The Council paid for the installation.

Both our events last year were fantastic. Not only were they both well attended, but they were also our biggest money makers. Nonetheless, the summer event this year broke all records! So don't miss the Christmas event on

Sunday, 4 December 12:30 - 3:00

You may remember that the Cale Green Beer Festival was cancelled at the last minute last year. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a revival in 2017.

Interested in Using our Community Room?

The Friends of Cale Green Park want to hear from people who would be interested in using our Community Room to hold classes, meetings or parties. If enough people are interested, then we can apply for a grant to refurbish the room. The community room is located opposite the entrance to the bowling green. Please express your interest by sending us a note using the form at the bottom of this page. 

Basketball Courts

The backboards in the Basketball Courts have had a major refit. The backboards were broken, and the hoops were bent. The hoops and backboards have finally been replaced. However, we noticed that the new backboards have buckled, so we're trying to have that fixed. The Friends and the Council split the costs of the repairs. Thanks to Richard Booker for all his help in getting this done!

Park Benches

If you walk around the park, you will have noticed that the completed centre circle of benches opposite the band stand are in much better condition than the other park benches in the park, or for that matter, the band stand itself. The Friends of Cale Green Park [with a great deal of help from Steve Thompson] renovated the centre circle, but we're hoping to do something about the other benches in the park, and the band stand this year... We're also thinking of renovating the benches by the tennis courts.

Bell's Paddock

Several months ago, the fence panels around Bell's Paddock were repaired. A big thank you for that goes to Ian Walmsley for all his help in this matter. Equally impressive was when the panels were damaged by a car accident. Within a week, the Council had repaired the damage and you couldn't tell there had been an accident there. 

At the moment, the display board needs a replacement sheet of polycarbonate and a new lock. Also because of its position near the lyme trees, we need to change its orientation from a mostly horizontal board to a vertical one. This will take some time in the new year. Eventually, the board will contain a historical display similar to the one by the bandstand in Cale Green Park, but at the moment, we're using it as a notice board. We have taken it down to repair and re-orient. It should be up by the end of January.